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Adjusting a fountain pen nib is a ritual for me.
About me
I got into pens in 1977 at Pearl Paint Company and Art Supply Store, in New York City. Later on I collaborated with Sam Flax Stationary in New York too, after I join forces with Waterman, Cartier and Yafa successively, this last one, presently United States Distributor of Delta, Nettuno etc.



Dear pen lover, welcome to my site I believe like you, that fountain pens are a source of pleasure when used cleverly, and my mission is to make them perform for you at their best. The love that I feel for pens was documented on Pen World by Jon Messer who writes: Lovers of fine and grand writing instruments readily recall the names of George Parker, Lewis Waterman, Walter Sheaffer, etc. but rarely they reminisce the classic repairman who loves pens, and because of this affection, had found new ways to satisfy every customer. . . Gustavo is one of them.

Rest assured that, if you have a passion like I do, for a truly calligraphic smooth fountain pen nib, you came to the right place.

 Enthusiasts are looking for this elusive instrument of perfection: A pen that is a delight to behold, writes flawlessly, has a pleasant writing feel, and transforms one's handwriting for the better - a pen that is an extension of the hand, rather than an impediment to it. Appearance, however, is to us arguably, the least important attribute of a pen; what matters most is how it writes.

Every now and then, when I grind a nib to suit my own hand, I come a little closer to find my ideal writing pen, this is why, dear friend, I ask you to join efforts with me, to find for you that missing piece for the almost perfect fountain pen.

Working at my office at 80th St. in New York City.
  Dan Lammon of Cross says: 
The fountain pen is a personal touch in an impersonal world. . . People buy the fountain pen not to be seen with it, but to get what it delivers.